Solution Architecture

How it Works

To understand what Solution Architecture is, we first need to understand what a solution is. At its most basic, a solution is a way to describe the answer to some problem — but we can take that definition further. In the Corporate and Sales worlds, determining a solution involves evaluating client needs and problems, and addressing them with appropriate systems that provide measurable improvements in place of previously deployed systems. We should, however, avoid limiting this to client needs — organizations can benefit from re-evaluating and re-solutioning their systems and as such, the value can also be delivered internally.

With this new take on what a solution is, we can now start to examine what Solution Architecture is, and how the role can be used to deliver value. To put it simply, a Solution Architect is involved with the evaluation of a business need (usually a technical one) and is tasked with crafting the description of solutions that can be used to address that need.

You don‘t drive the architecture, the requirements do. You do your best to serve their needs.
– Richard Monson-Haefel

How do solution architects work?

They follow a defined process to ensure that projects are delivered on time and budget and that they meet the clients needs. More importantly, they achieve the goals set out and solve the problems at stake. This is done by:

Understanding the environment – solution architects need to know the corporate environment. They need to understand the systems, tools and processes already in place that they can utilize in their solution.

Understanding the requirements – solution architects need to know what their clients need and want. They have to have a clear understanding of this so that they can determine what systems and tools can be used.

Understanding the restrictions – solution architects also need to know how to say no. They need to know what is possible within budgetary and time requirements and what is not possible.

Understanding the tech stack – solution architects need to know the complete tech stack to understand how new additions will impact existing technologies and tools.

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